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Fashion, film, art, architecture c. 1000-1800
York Minster taken on a sunny day in March 2014 :)
Clifford’s Tower, York. Taken March 2014.
This is almost all that remains of York Castle.

Charles II and his Queen 
By an unknown artist 
Engraving, 1662 - 1680

The letter is headed by etchings of the devil (l.), one of whose legs is a three-pronged fork, addressing an oval bust portrait of Lord North, headed “Lord N…. TH”. The words enclosed in brackets are those which are represented by objects.
"My D(ear) Ld(Ewer) Pol———cal Con(duck)t h(ass) (knot) only made a (grate) Noise upon (ear)th (butt) has set (awl) Hell in an upr(oar). T(hare)s hardly a S(tête)(man) in the (plaice), and we have a good (man)y of them, but (looks) upon it (ass) uni(form). The o(pen)ing of (ewer) (last) Budget w(ass) in m(eye) o(pinion) a (masterstroke indeed (witch) (yew) may easily (mask) over with the Old Phrase Pro Bono Publico. No (body) (can) stig(mat)ize (ewer) L———d(ship) as a griping (minister) nor (can) any (1.) say (yew)ve in this Point laid a t(axe) on the Bowels of the Poor. T(hare) are sever(awl) Articles m(eye) L—d in the Way of Eating (witch) might illustrate (ewer) Good Will (toe) the public, the quant(eye)ty of Meat (witch) is Consumed by the Common (people) Is the Occasion of t(hat) scorbutic or Scurvy Di(sword)er (witch) affects the English Constitution. T(hare)(4) an Xcise laid upon flesh of (awl) sorts would (bee) the best (ant)iscorbutic in the Whole Materia Medica and (ass) (ewer) L—d(ship) is (knot) very (car)nally Inclined (Eye) (don)t doubt (butt) (yew) will shortly b(ring) such a (bill) in(toe) Parlia(men)t. (Fish) and .F(owl) (2) my L—d are of a very viscid Nat(ewer) and are apt to enrich the Blood of such (ass) ought (toe) (bee) kept low, a T(axe) on these Sorts of Food Would in (Time) p(rope)rly dilute & thin the Corpore(awl) (deuce)s [juices] and the Common (people) would (knot) t(hen) (bee) (awl) (toe) (gate) (hare) [altogether] so (saw)cy (ass) (toe) oppose the Measures of t(hare) (ministers) and per(suns) in power (awl)so a Smart dut(eye) on Bread (mill)k Sm(awl) Beer, (Water) &c. For wh(eye) should the Vulgar have any Thing (toe) Eat (butt) Grass Without paying Tri(boot).(Ewer) Constant Friend & AllyBELZEBUB.
Published in Dublin, June 23th 1779

Portrait of a girl by Claudio Coello, unknown date, possibly late 17th century
Detail from Tudor house Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire.
(Taken in April 2014)
Gargoyle by St Martin’s Church, York.

Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford ca. 1614