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Fashion, film, art, architecture c. 1000-1800

Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford ca. 1614

Castle Schaloen, Also named ‘Chaloen’.
This marl castle was partly built in 1656. The castle-farm is dated from the eighteenth century. Through marriage the castle came in possession of the De Villers Masbourg-family. In 1894 the castle was restored, in a neo-Gothic style, by the famous Dutch architect dr. PHJ. Cuypers by Hans Viveen

Daniel Mytens James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton, 1606 - 1649. Royalist 1629
James, Duke of Hamilton, was the close friend and principal Scottish advisor to Charles I. This picture shows him aged twenty-three dressed in a rich silver suit, embroidered with metal thread, and the softest leather boots, folded back into deep tops. Hamilton appreciated the work of Mytens, the leading court portraitist, and he had been painted by him six years earlier. Like his king, Hamilton was a keen collector of art. Following his king politically cost Hamilton his head. He was executed less than six weeks after the king, on the same scaffold at Whitehall.

Child with three skulls; an hourglass on a window sill at right. 1529
Print made by Barthel Beham 

human cross section John Arderne, De arte phisicali et de cirurgia, England ca. 1425.
Stockholm, Kungliga biblioteket, X 118

Tudor architecture on Flickr.
Via Flickr: It amazes me that so many of our old buildings have survived over the centuries. This was built only a few years after Henry Tudor became King. Mind you, I rather liked the modern champagne bottles in the window, what would Henry have made of that? :)

During preparations for the forthcoming exhibition, Elizabeth I and her People, the National Portrait Gallery in London discovered this sixteenth century portrait of three children holding a small animal. This may be the first portrait of a guinea pig.
A little known painting of three Elizabethan children containing what may be the first portrait of a guinea pig has been uncovered by the National Portrait Gallery, London, during the making of its forthcoming exhibition Elizabeth I and Her People

Hans Sebald Beham, Die Dame und der Tod. 1541.

Lo spirito mercuriale della prima materia in forma di salamandra nel fuocoMaier, Scrutinium chymicum (1687) 

Alchemical and Rosicrucian compendium c1760. Over the dragon, breathing fire into the flask, is the Latin for “Multiplication Fermentation.”

Splendor Solis, Emblem 2:
Philosopher with flask
A philosopher stands holding in his right hand a flask containing liquid. He points to this with his left.


Isaac Newton The Last Magician Biography reveals newton BBC full documentary 2013 (by documentary2013)